March 2, 2012

Beyond Words

It's been busy here in the studio lately (hence no posts in a while), I've been working on a show coming up in April titled Beyond Words at Quicksilver Gallery in Forestville, CA.  It's a beautiful space and the town is right near the Russian River.  If you live in the Bay area the opening will be on Saturday the 14th from 4-6pm.  For those who aren't nearby I'll be posting images of the show once it's installed.

I'm excited about the direction the new paintings are heading, they're a bit more expressive and loose with more prominent brush strokes and texture.  The idea for the show so far (it changes constantly) is that the majority of the work stems from one painting titled The Reflection (seen below).  There will be a cluster of paintings directly opposite representing all the chaos and clutter in his head.  People he knows, has seen or imagined, places he's been or wants to be, flashes of insanity, lust, calmness, anger and tranquility.  All this will pour out of him in an attempt to clear his head and gain a sense of clarity and focus.  Essentially it is meant to show one person confronting himself and his thoughts in order to move forward.

It's still a loose, abstract idea at the moment but it's progressing nicely so far.  The card for the show is below and I'll be posting more information and images shortly.