March 10, 2011

Moving paint forward

I haven't posted anything in a while because i've been struggling with the ten or so unfinished paintings i'm working on right now. i keep starting paintings but can't figure out how to finish them. i feel like whatever the next step is that i take with my work will be a big one and i want all my current paintings to take that step together. it's felt as though i've been standing at a crossroads for some time now. there are a million ideas and directions floating around in my head (fighting would probably be a more accurate word though) and i've been having a hard time for some reason making sense of it all.

Today was a big step in the right direction. this painting feels like it's moving towards where i would like my work to go. both with color, composition and subject. it's not finished but i think i'm going to stick with all the major decisions. i'm not sure if it looks much different from other paintings of mine but to me it feels like it's worlds away for some reason.

36 x 48 inches, oil on wood panel

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