April 24, 2012

Beyond Words Installed

Here are a few images from my new show, Beyond Words, installed at Quicksilver gallery in Forestville, CA.  If you'd like to stop by to see the work, the gallery is closed Tuesday and Wednesday and the show will be up until May 20.

The wall of paint in the middle of the room is the palette wall from my studio where I scrape the excess paint off my palette everyday when I'm finished working.  I had to trim it down a bit to fit in the gallery but I think it helped bring a bit of environment and history to the show.

The opening had a good turnout, there's been a great response so far and a few sales.  I'm very excited about the new work and would love to hear what you think of it, thanks for looking!

(I'm also in a group show in Paris starting today called Panorama at Gallery Rauchfeld, I'll post pictures as soon as I have them)

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